While different parasites completely, both fleas and ticks share similar qualities in that they feed off the blood of humans and animals and can infect a home.

Ticks are 8-legged bugs that can transmit diseases to humans and animals. Characteristics of ticks include:

  • Over 90 different species found in the United States consisting of either ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ varieties
  • Ticks have preferred hosts. While none of them prefer humans, ticks will hitch a ride on human hosts if their preferred feeding body is unavailable
  • Often brought into the house by pets
  • Like to hide in tight nooks and crannies

When eliminating ticks, it is important inspect both the inside and outside of the home in addition to to paying close attention to the living spaces of pets and livestock. Pets and livestock might also need treatment.

Fleas are 6-legged bugs that only feed on blood during their adult lives. Characteristics of fleas include:

  • Adult fleas often represent only 5% of an infestation
  • An infected pet can spread flea eggs throughout the home
  • Larvae will hide in carpets and furniture until maturity

When eliminating fleas, it is just as important to treat animals as it is homes. As mentioned above, adult fleas only represent a small percentage of an actual infestation. A flea removal plan will eliminate all stages of the flea life cycle, not only adults but eggs, larvae, and pupae as well.