One way to protect your home and eliminate subterranean termite infestations is to install a baiting system. Subterranean termite baiting systems feed termites who then take the bait back to their nests. This type of system can lead to the termite eradication by killing of the entire colony either by the sharing of the insecticides or the killing off of the worker termites in order to starve the rest of the colony.

Baiting systems are installed in the ground by drilling or trenching. Professional exterminators will place baiting systems around the foundation of your home in high traffic areas. Worker termites will feed off the bait assuming it is a valuable food source. These systems can be installed in areas near water sources or where other pesticides are prohibited.

While termite baiting systems are easy to install, the process to full eradication can be a slow one. Utilizing subterranean baiting systems in combination with other termite treatments is often recommended. A thorough inspection of your home will allow one of our termite control specialists to create a personalized termite control plan for your home.