Tent fumigation involves enclosing a home or business in a tent and releasing a gas to exterminate the termites. The tent traps the gas in the building and allows it to permeate termite infested areas.

Tent fumigation typically lasts between 24 and 72 hours. The length of the tenting process depends on the size of your home and severity of the termite infestation. During this time, families and pets must vacate the home. It is important to set up an alternative place to stay during tenting and understand that once the process begins, no one will be allowed to enter the home.

Preparing your home for tent fumigation involves interior and exterior prep work. An exterminator should provide you with a comprehensive preparation checklist.

Some of the steps include:

  • Remove all houseplants
  • Remove all bedding and plastic furniture coverings
  • Open all doors in your home. This includes furniture too!
  • Open all blinds and drapes
  • Double seal all food and medicine in special bags or remove from your home
  • Contact gas company to temporarily shut off the gas to your home
  • Trim plants and shrubbery around your home. All plants should be at least one foot away from the foundation

Tent fumigation is not a preventative measure for drywood termites. Tenting only helps homes already infested by termites. Tent fumigation combined with a comprehensive plan designed by Ohana Pest Control will help prevent termites from returning to your home.