The honey bee, smaller than other bee species create hives in a variety of locations sometimes choosing attics, eaves, walls or yards for their real estate. While they can sting, they can only do so once as the action of stinging kills the bee.

If you suspect a honey bee infestation it is recommended you contact a professional pest control service. Professional companies, like Ohana Pest Control, use specialized bee removal equipment and strategies to ensure the safety of everyone involved, including the honey bees!

Our professional equipment allows us to reach and remove honey bee hives in challenging locations. We utilize mechanical lifts to reach hives several stories off the ground and wear appropriate clothing to minimize stinging and promote safety.

Our honey bee removal process includes:

  • Thorough inspection of your home
  • Hive location and relocation
  • Preventative measures and advice

When removing a honey bee hive from a home it is important to remove the entire hive to minimize damage to your home. Dried hives and honey can cause structural damage. An uninhabited hive becomes an unguarded food source and offers up an open invitation to other pests and parasites to invade your home.

If you suspect a honey bee infestation, our specialty trained employees can work with you to safely remove the hive from your home or property.