Stucco, a popular building material used for the siding of homes, often extends below the surface of the soil, creating an open dinner invitation for termites. Termites can get between the foundation and the siding and go virtually undetected as their mud tunnels remain hidden from view. By the time the damage is discovered, they could have already destroyed your home.

In addition to hiding termite damage, stucco also minimizes the success rate of termite treatments. Because of its protective elements, stucco shields the foundation underneath from termiticides.

Exterior sidings, especially those covering wood-framed houses, should be about 6-8 inches above the soil. The trimming and removal of stucco for termite prevention exposes the foundation of the home and is beneficial for several reasons.

Benefits for exposing the foundation include:

  • Ease of access for inspection
  • Improved effectiveness of treatments
  • Reduces the risk of infestation

Upon a thorough inspection of your home, we establish a cut line in the stucco and use a diamond blade saw to cut and remove the siding. Working in combination with other termite treatment methods, we are able to protect your home from potential infestations.